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Windy Hoofy Nay Nay

Hi, I’m Rancher Dal!  I'm glad that you are checking out our character education program.  Thank you for visiting Windy’s bio page.  She is definitely the shyest Hoofy Nay Nay in the herd.  She’s very reserved but she shows a lot of love when she gets to know you.

Things to Know About Windy

Windy acts like the “little sister tag-along” of the Hoofy Nay Nay herd.  When the Nay Nays are galloping around the paddock you will usually find her in the back.  Even though she’s the last one to join in when the Nay Nays buck around and play, she never turns down the opportunity to take part in the fun!  Never count Windy out of a party, she might show up late, but she’ll definitely be there.

A Cute Story About Windy

I remember when Windy first arrived here at the Hyatt Haven Ranch.  Her shy personality really came out as she looked so nervous to be in a new place.  That night I visited her stall and sang her some lullaby’s and, before I knew it, she walked over to me and nuzzled me with her little Nay Nay head.  It was one of the sweetest moments I’ve had with the Nay Nays and one I’ll likely never forget.  Windy might be shy but she surely has a big heart in that little body of hers.

Final Thoughts About Windy

Windy is one of the tiniest Hoofy Nay Nays on the ranch but there’s times where she tries to act like the biggest one of all.  Her funny little personality will bring a smile to your face as you watch her in the videos on our YouTube channel so tune in and check her out!

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