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Wildflower Hoofy Nay Nay

Hi, I’m Rancher Dal!  I'm glad that you are checking out our character education program.  Thank you for visiting Wildflower’s bio page.  She is one of the most outgoing Hoofy Nay Nays in the whole herd.  Her confidence is noticed by all of the Nay Nays as they choose to follow her all the time!

Things to Know About Wildflower

Wildflower is a sassy little thing.  She makes a whole “to do” about pretty much everything she does.  She can usually be seen at the front of the Nay Nay herd leading them around the paddocks here at the Hyatt Haven Ranch.  Wildflower is definitely one of the most exciting Nay Nays to watch because she’s so outgoing and adventurous.  This also makes her one of the toughest Nay Nays to round up when it’s time to move the herd!

A Cute Story About Wildflower

A while ago when the Nay Nays were all much younger, I had a pretty “fun” experience with Wildflower.  It was time to take the Nay Nays into the barn from the paddock for their evening meal which they had been trained to do so all that was needed was to open the gate and they’d all run into the barn and go to their stalls to be fed.  Well, this time when I opened the gate to the paddock Wildflower poked her little head out of the opening and looked around at all of the other places that she could explore on the Ranch which had no fences and decided that it was time for an adventure.  She took off running out of the paddock but away from the barn and, sure enough, the entire Hoofy Nay Nay herd followed behind her!  It was definitely a crazy night trying to round up those Nay Nays as they galloped and whinnied all over the Hyatt Haven Ranch.  I learned a valuable lesson that night about keeping TWO eyes on Wildflower!

Final Thoughts About Wildflower

Though Wildflower’s adventurous spirit and outgoing personality makes her harder to handle than some of the other Nay Nays, she is also one of the funniest ones to watch.  You will definitely find some laughs by watching her in the videos on our YouTube channel so tune in and check her out!

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