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Grant Hoofy Nay Nay


Things to Know About Grant

Grant always finds a way to surprise us here at the Hyatt Haven ranch.  He is so full of life and curiosity that it makes it very fun to watch and interact with him.  Ever since Grant was a baby, we knew there was something special about him.  Maybe it was the way he walked with so much confidence or just the way he would nuzzle his little horse head to whomever was handling him...he stole our hearts, nonetheless.

A Cute Story About Grant

We remember one time when Grant discovered a pothole in one of the paddocks.  He was so curious about that pothole that he just stared at it for several minutes.  His interest in the pothole became infectious as all of the other Nay Nays came over to see what he was staring at.  Thanks to Grant, all of the Nay Nays were made aware of the pothole and none of them tripped and hurt their little legs!  Our team immediately went and fixed the pothole, which would have been very hard to find if it wasn’t for Grant!

Final Thoughts About Grant

Grant is the main character in the first book of the Hoofy Nay Nay book series, get your copy today and join Grant as he learns the importance of following the rules and being obedient.  We can’t wait for you to get to know him the way we do through his book and by interacting with him in person!

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