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Gracie Hoofy Nay Nay

Hi, I’m Rancher Dal!  I'm glad that you are checking out our character education program.  Thank you for visiting Gracie’s bio page.  She is one of the fastest Hoofy Nay Nays in paddock and I’m certain she’ll impress you with her dazzling moves!

Things to Know About Gracie

Gracie is such a little sweetheart!  She just trots around looking for love everywhere she goes here at the Hyatt Haven ranch.  I can always find her tagging along on adventures with her best Hoofy Nay Nay friend Wildflower.  They have been inseparable since birth; they even share a stall together.  There’s a lot that can be learned about friendship from watching Gracie interact with Wildflower.

A Cute Story About Gracie

One time I was moving the Nays Nays from one paddock to another and was having a tough time doing it because they all wanted to play.  Gracie and Wildflower had separated themselves from the herd, but I was able to round up all of the other Nay Nays and start leading them to the new paddock.  Gracie saw the herd and bolted towards them with her epic little Nay Nay speed and left Wildflower in the dust!  Gracie caught up to the herd and was led into the new paddock with the rest of the Nay Nays.  When I shut the gate between the paddocks Gracie realized that her best friend Wildflower wasn’t with them, and she just wouldn’t have that for one second.  She went straight to the gate separating the paddocks and whinnied so loud and so hard repeatedly until her bestie came over to the gate to see what the matter was.  Thanks to Gracie I was able to easily put Wildflower into the new paddock with the rest of the Nay Nays and she was able to be reunited with her best friend!

Final Thoughts About Gracie

Gracie isn’t just known for her speed and her friendship with Wildflower, she is also a loving Hoofy Nay Nay with a knack for bringing everyone together.  You will find that she never fails to impress when you see her in the videos on our Hoofy Nay Nay YouTube channel.  So tune in and check her out!

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