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Raven Hoofy Nay Nay

Things to Know About Raven

Raven is usually one of the Hoofy Nay Nay visitor favorites at Hyatt Haven Ranch.  She loves to go on walks especially if Ronkey (our miniature Donkey) is with her because he makes her feel safe.  One of her favorite spots to explore at Hyatt Haven Ranch is the gazebo on the pond! She likes to hear the sound of splashing water from the fountain.  

A Cute Story About Raven

One day Raven and Jax were going on a hike around the Hyatt Haven Ranch with our team, and all of a sudden, an unfamiliar truck drove up the driveway right towards us.  The new truck scared Jax and he started getting very restless and tugging on his lead as if to try and escape.  Raven was so sweet to nuzzle Jax’s little Nay Nay head until he calmed down enough for us to continue on our hike.  Raven is really good at calming down the other Nay Nays when something has them spooked.  She is definitely a peacekeeper in the herd!

Final Thoughts About Raven

Raven will quickly find her way into your heart as you get to know her.  She just has this special way about her that makes her so easy to connect with.  As one of the smallest Hoofy Nay Nays, she is definitely a reason to make sure your camera is ready!

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