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Jax Hoofy Nay Nay

Things to Know About Jax

One thing to know about Jax right off the bat is that he knows how to make friends.  Jax will befriend anyone who crosses his path (as long as they’re friendly of course!).  Jax won’t hesitate to give hugs and kisses to those he trusts which is why so many people like him.  The Hoofy Nay Nay herd definitely wouldn’t be complete without fun-loving Jax!

A Cute Story About Jax

When Jax was just a little guy he went with Raven to visit a bunch of kids at a Pre-School.  We were curious to see how Jax would react in the new environment with all of the new faces coming to meet him.  Jax was so sweet and kind to all of the kids, he loved all of the attention he was getting!  We knew at that moment that Jax was born to be a star, he just loves the opportunity to meet people.

Final Thoughts About Jax

Jax doesn’t just show his love to people he meets; he also enjoys showing love to the ground as he rolls around in the dirt all the time.  We're sure that you will enjoy sweet fun-loving Jax!

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