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The Hoofy Nay Nays and Rancher Dal

The Hoofy Nay Nays are "real" miniature horses.  They're training to become emotional support buddies.  Through value-based teaching, they're becoming confident, loving, respectful, and obedient.


We know that these Hoofy Nay Nays will make you laugh with their eccentric personalities.  The Hoofy Nay Nay YouTube channel is full of hilarious original videos that are bound to make you smile!


The Nay Nays want to help because they care!  You will come to love these Nay Nays as you get to know them through the original content that we provide to our subscribers.  Through books, songs, and videos, the Nay Nays are sharing what they've learned in fun and exciting ways.


There is so much to learn from the Hoofy Nay Nays!  Whether it be from the Hoofy Nay Nay book series, the videos on our YouTube channel, or from the fantastic character educational content that we provide to our subscribers you are sure to find something uniquely tailored to fit your needs.  Our character education program is interactive because character building requires critical thinking.  Lessons are based on the Nay Nay's "real life" experiences. Children connect the dots between cause and effect because the exercises make this clear.

If you want to boost your child's value-based education then...

Come learn with us today, the Hoofy Nay Nay Way!

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