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Who are the Lil' Hoofy Nay Nays?

The Hoofy Nay Nays are "real" miniature horses.  There are currently 8 Hoofy Nay Nays at Hyatt Haven Ranch.  These adorable mini's have been trained to provide emotional support and participate in one of a kind activities!


We know that these Hoofy Nay Nays will make you laugh with their eccentric personalities.  The Hoofy Nay Nay YouTube channel is full of hilarious original videos that are bound to make you smile!


The Nay Nays want to help because they care!  You will come to love these Nay Nays as you get to know them through hands on interactions!    


There is so much to learn from the Hoofy Nay Nays!  Whether it be from the Hoofy Nay Nay book series, the videos on our YouTube channel, or from participating in Hyatt Haven Hoofy Nay Nay activities, our education program is a fun way to enjoy each other's company.  We believe that kinesthetic learning is one of the most powerful forms of learning available.  

If you want to boost your child's confidence and excitement for learning...

Come play with us today, the Hoofy Nay Nay Way!

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