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Hyatt Haven Ranch located only 35 miles northeast of Raleigh is one of the most exciting and entertaining places to have your next Group Event!  Guests will enjoy creating memories that will last for years to come!




We Heal Hearts

If you're having a bad day, hug a miniature horse.  Although it might not be a saying should be!  Our Hoofy Nay Nays are so lovable and adorable. Children and adults alike quickly form emotional bonds when they spend time with our Lil' Hoofy Nay Nays at Hyatt Haven Ranch. We have witnessed children as well as adults ,who have difficulty bonding emotionally with others, break that barrier because the communication is different - it is physical. Guests of all ages learn to care and connect with each other as they enjoy the many activities Hyatt Haven Ranch has to offer!



We need your help! Hyatt Haven welcomes volunteers. There are plenty of daily chores to choose from. You can muck stalls, feed horses, water horses, walk horses, and of course groom horses! If physical labor is not your thing, you can simply sit and cuddle them. If you would like to volunteer, please email

If you can't volunteer but
would still like to help,
please donate.

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