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Hyatt Haven is home to 9 miniature horses.  These horses are collectively called the Hoofy Nay Nays.  The Nay Nays are in training to become emotional support, companion, and therapy horses.  Hyatt Haven acts as a "Horse School" for the Hoofy Nay Nays where they're learning to become confident, loving, respectful, and obedient through value-based teaching.

We Heal Hearts

If you're having a bad day, hug a miniature horse. They are so lovable and adorable. Children quickly form emotional bonds when they spend time with the Hoofy Nay Nays at Hyatt Haven. Children who have difficulty bonding emotionally with others are able to break that barrier because the communication is different - it is physical. Children learn to care and connect as they walk them, brush them, feed them, and hug them. They are rewarded in kind with unconditional love.



We need your help! Hyatt Haven welcomes volunteers. There are plenty of daily chores to choose from. You can muck stalls, feed horses, water horses, walk horses, and of course groom horses! If physical labor is not your thing, you can simply sit and cuddle them. If you would like to volunteer, please email

If you can't volunteer but
would still like to help,
please donate.

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