Meet the Nay Nays











We are “real” miniature horses that live together and go to school together at the Hyatt Haven Ranch.

We are in training to become emotional support, companion, and therapy horses.  In order to graduate, we must be obedient, kind, and loving.  We need to be sweet, friendly, even-tempered, and gentle.  Comfortable meeting new people is required as well as being confident and reliable.  To sum things up, we must be well-behaved at all time.

Although we look adorable, we don’t always act that way.  Overcome by our curiosity, sometimes we make bad choices.  Jealousy is a big issue because we all want one-on-one attention.  We usually follow the leader, no matter what the leader is doing.  Although we are making progress, we can still be very devious, spirited, difficult and naughty.

We attend classes each day to learn new things.  Frustration often sets in when school becomes difficult.  We are expected to remember things we learned weeks ago.  Some of us make the same mistakes over and over.  Some of us don’t…

We are all at different levels in our training.  The advanced Nay Nay’s go to schools, nursing homes, and other places to meet people.  We all like meeting new people but some of us can’t go yet because we haven’t learned to control our tempers.

We are getting better and better at applying the lessons we’ve learned to new situations.  We want to share our mistakes and triumphs with children everywhere!  Come learn with us.  Learn from our mistakes, and from our achievements.