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Hi!  I'm Rancher Dal and these are the Hoofy Nay Nays.  Thank you for visiting us! 


Are you looking for a fun way to teach good values and morals to your kids?  The Hoofy Nay Nays and I are here to help in a fun and exciting way!

Join us today to go on an educational journey with the Hoofy Nay Nays that is focused on principles found in value based learning.










When you subscribe to our value based learning program, every month you will receive a new e-book, a lesson plan, a craft idea, downloadable workbook, as well as fun and unique activity ideas that will engage your children.  All of this is designed to help them to learn basic character building concepts that will leave them laughing and wanting more.

Let us help you teach those you love to follow the rules, have courage, be honest, and so much more!

Introducing the First Book in the Hoofy Nay Nays Book Series...

Laugh, Love, and Learn
The Hoofy Nay Nay Way!

Grant Takes a Chance

The story in this book was inspired by Grant's very own experience of escaping from the Nay Nay paddock here at the Hyatt Haven Ranch in Spring Hope, NC.  Grant has always been one of the most lovable Hoofy Nay Nays here at the ranch!

Your children will learn amazing values in this book as they immerse themselves in Grant's adventure.  Just like Grant, your children will discover the importance of following the rules.  Your kids will come to find that learning values can be a fun and rewarding experience. Visit our store to get your copy of "Grant Takes a Chance" for the opportunity to laugh, love, and learn the Hoofy Nay Nay way! 

The Hoofy Nay Nay Way

The Hoofy Nay Nays are

horses, mini in size;

The Ranch Hyatt Haven

is where they reside.

There are 9 in total,

and they like to play;

Rancher Dal is the human

caring for them each day.

Rancher Dal loves and teaches

them what they must do.

He teaches these lessons

at Hyatt Horse School.

While reading Grant's book,

take the time to decide,

if a lesson was learned,

and then was applied.

What are the Nay Nays up to now?

Around the Ranch

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