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Rancher Dal

Hi, I’m Rancher Dal!  I'm glad that you are checking out our character education program.  Thank you for visiting my bio page.  I guess by now you’ve probably noticed that I’m a huge animal lover.  I’ve always been that way; you could find me as a kid going out to the pond and catching baby turtles to make sure they were ok.  Now as an adult I’m blessed to spend my days with the Hoofy Nay Nays.

Things to Know About Me

My time isn’t solely spent with the Hoofy Nay Nays every day.  I also have 3 dogs: Pupstuff, Lexie, and Comanche who keep me company.  I have a beautiful wife and two fantastic boys.  Fun fact about me, I named my dog Pupstuff after myself. Pupstuff was the nickname I had as a baby since I would chase my diaper around like a dog chases their tail.  So, it goes to show that I truly have been an animal lover since I was a baby.  I also spend my time with the Hoofy Baa Baas which are our awesome little goats.  I have a dozen golden comet chickens who inspire me with their hilarious personalities.

A Cute Story

I’d like to tell you about my dog, Comanche since he is one of my very best friends.  Comanche is a 130 lbs. Akita who is literally the sweetest dog I’ve ever met.  He is always so eager to please and so happy to meet new friends even though everyone is terrified of him when they first meet him.  He struggles every day with his two back legs having weak ACL’s that continuously get strained as he moves around.  He hides his pain well, but I try to make a point to take special care of him due to this genetic handicap.  I guess I connect so well with Comanche because as a child I was misunderstood by those around me because I was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome.  Just like Comanche is misunderstood when people first meet him, I was also misunderstood when people would first meet me.  I found a way to interact and connect with people on the same level just like Comanche does when you get to know him.

Final Thoughts About Me

I have always wanted to combine my passions of creating music, being with animals, and sharing my values in a fun and creative way.  The Hoofy Nay Nays brand has given me a chance to realize that dream and I can’t wait to share it with you!  Tune in to the Hoofy Nay Nay YouTube channel and subscribe today to share in that dream with me!

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