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Mitzi Hoofy Nay Nay

Hi, I’m Rancher Dal!  I'm glad that you are checking out our character education program.  Thank you for visiting Mitzi’s bio page.  Mitzi doubles as a unicorn on the weekends!  She also acts as kind of the “mother” of the Nay Nay herd.  Mitzi is one of the easiest Nay Nays to interact with which is why she’s the preferred Nay Nay of choice at parties.

Things to Know About Mitzi

Mitzi is the oldest Hoofy Nay Nay of the herd, but she still moves like a young one.  When she first arrived here at the Hyatt Haven Ranch, we were informed that she was pregnant.  Turns out that she was just on the heavy side and the folks that we got her from misinterpreted that as her being pregnant.  She was really sad when we stopped giving her the extra grain that we thought was feeding the small Nay Nay in her body.  She cheers up instantly though when we give her an apple because she likes the sweet taste.

A Cute Story About Mitzi

We had a special day at the Hyatt Haven Ranch not too long ago.  A little girl, let’s call her Sandy, had a birthday party here with the Nay Nays.  All of the Nay Nays were excited to have Sandy at the ranch but one of them was destined to make Sandy’s dream come true.  Sandy had always wanted to ride a unicorn but never thought she would get the chance until Mitzi!  Mitzi walked up to Sandy with her unicorn horn on and the look on Sandy’s face was priceless.  She was so happy to get the chance to ride a unicorn and Mitzi loved the opportunity to make her day!

Final Thoughts About Mitzi

Mitzi is our elegant, motherly Hoofy Nay Nay that always finds a way to show the Nay Nays the right thing to do.  You will love to watch her interact with the other Nay Nays in the videos on our YouTube channel so check them out!

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