The first book in the Lil’ Hoofy Nay Nay children’s book series is about Grant because he provides a lot of material!   

Grant Takes a Chance is a story about Grant doing something very naughty and is based on a real-life event. He learns a hard lesson from the experience about why he should follow rules.

When Grant purposely disobeys, the reader is drawn in to find out what happens.  Then, feels sorry for him even though he brought the sadness on himself.

The book is presented in a fun and engaging way.

Dialog is encouraged from interesting questions.  The purpose of these discussions is to connect the dots between cause and effect.

Children of all ages will enjoy this book.

My 16 year old students loved the story and pictures as much as my 6 year old grandson.

I hope you enjoy Grant Takes a Chance because this dashing mini horse Nay Nay has many more lessons to share!